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Fit Empowered Mom Project

Are you a first time mom struggling with the changes in your new postpartum body? 

Are you lacking motivation and inspiration towards working on your fitness goals?

Have you tried your old fitness regime since having your baby but realised something doesn't feel right?

Are you experiencing diastasis recti and unsure of what exercises you can or can't do?

Did you know that an experienced pre and postpartum exercise specialist is trained in all of the above to help you achieve your goal?

OK. Let's be completely and utterly transparent here. Motherhood is THE best hood. But by golly it is hard work some days. Between the lack of sleep, breastfeeding or pumping or bottle sanitizing, keeping the house clean and tidy, maintaining relationships wit your partner friends and family, and simply keeping your little one alive, there is


Who looks after us mamas? Our bodies and minds have gone through the biggest transition in life. Yet more often than not, we put ourselves on the back burner. Feeling tired with achy joints, having a weak pelvic floor and zero time to eat a proper meal is almost the expectation of motherhood. So we confide in other moms, and of course it's reassuring hearing that we are not alone. But is that all we are worth? What if we want more for ourselves? I have heard so many times from moms how they love being a mom and also miss feeling like their old self.


These changes that you are feeling, these feelings of just not feeIing like yourself, these changes in your body that may now feel like a strangers body...they don't have to be there.


You deserve to feel better than you do. 


That is what I do for you.


 My FEM Project online programs are tailored to suit your own individual needs. Every pregnant and postpartum person has a completely different story, so why would I prescribe you all the exact same solution to your goal? 

I see you mama . 


Take the guess work out of your journey and leave it all to me to plan for you. 

Are you ready to feel how you want to feel and not how you're told you should feel? 

Mother and Baby on Floor
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