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Pre and postnatal fitness coaching is a specialized service designed to support expectant and new mothers in their journey towards optimal health and well-being. Preparing for pregnancy and childbirth requires a unique approach, and prenatally, fitness coaching focuses on physically appropriate exercises, stretching, and strengthening techniques tailored to the specific needs and safety considerations of pregnant women. It aims to enhance strength, flexibility, and stamina, while also addressing common discomforts associated with pregnancy.


Postnatal fitness coaching, on the other hand, provides guidance and support for new mothers as they navigate the physical and emotional challenges of the postpartum period. The focus shifts towards rebuilding core strength, restoring pelvic floor function, improving posture, and gradually reintroducing exercise in a safe and effective manner.


These coaching services are typically provided by certified professionals with expertise in prenatal and postnatal fitness, ensuring that women receive personalised guidance and support throughout their unique journeys. Ultimately, pre and postnatal fitness coaching seeks to empower women, promote overall well-being, and help them regain their physical fitness and confidence during this transformative phase of life.

Below shows the types of training covered in the in person or online custom bespoke personal training packages.  


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