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NEXT START DATE: September 11th 2023!!!!!

(This program is a virtual program)



I am so excited to bring to you the ultimate postpartum rehab program. Through tried and tested programs with personal training clients, I have now chosen to offer this service in a group format to bring about more connection and community. This postpartum journey is not fun when going it alone so I can not wait to bring you all together in this virtual space.  

This will be 6 weeks of training and coaching which will help rehab your postpartum body. This is NOT a snap back workout plan. This is a plan that helps you feel more confident in your new body, makes you feel stronger and able to cope with the every day demands of motherhood, and is the ultimate foundation for further fitness programs you wish to do without experiencing postpartum related injuries. 

We will be working through posture, stretching, breathing and core strength in a progressive overload style meaning we will be focusing on quality not quantity of the exercises that we will be doing. 



Pelvic organ prolapse?

This program can still work for you. IN FACT, This program was made for you! 

As a mother myself, birth doula and postpartum and infant care doula, not only will this program support you and your physical goals, but I am here as your coach to travel with you through your postpartum journey as a whole being. 

I know the effects of sleep deprivation and relationship struggles, and babies not following our plan. I get it. So please look at this program as wholesome unbiased village support to get you through your postpartum recovery journey.  This program guarantees results when you fully take part, or your money back! 

Read what some of my clients had to say about their experience by scrolling the images below





Who is this program for?

Anyone who has been pregnant and given birth to a child. Whether you are 6 weeks, or 6 years postpartum, this program is for you. 

How long is the program?

6 weeks, but you have access to the training app for 8 weeks, and lifetime access to the website private members page

How is the program delivered?

It is all virtual and delivered through your own personalised fitness training app for your absolute convenience.

Is the program for beginners?

This program is for anyone who has given birth. Whether an experienced exerciser or not, we all need to lay the correct foundations after giving birth. The exercises are suitable for all fitness levels.

How many workouts per week and how long are the workouts?

There are 3 workouts per week all ranging from 15-30 minutes total. You are more than welcome to repeat workouts if you have more time.

Do I need access to a gym?

No you don't. Minimal equipment is useful. Long resistance bands with handles, mini loop bands, massage balls, small pilates ball or cushions is sufficient. 

How long will I have access to the program?

The program is 6 weeks. Once the 6 weeks is complete, you will get access to all of the workouts via exclusive members only access to my website. App access is then finished.  

How soon after giving birth can I take part? 

It depends. Generally speaking with an uncomplicated vaginal birth you could technically start as soon as 3 weeks postpartum BUT only with permission from your health care provider. If you have had a cesarean birth then this would be suitable to start at 6-8 weeks postpartum. Again with permission from your healthcare provider. Please email me at to ask questions before purchasing if you are unsure.

If there are any questions that have not been answered above, please send program enquiries to

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