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Gain Muscle

Increase Strength

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

Improve your Confidence

Access to Private Exclusive Facebook Group

Free Training App

Learn New Exercises

Receive Nutritional Guidance along the way

Change the Shape of Your Body

Lose Weight

Opens to All Levels

Get Leaner and more Toned

Learn New Exercises

Start Any Time


Elle Fit Coaching and Accountability is a 12 week personalized online coaching platform that provides amazing workouts and nutritional guidance for women.

Week 1-4 Focus: Muscular Endurance and Fitness

Week 5-8 Focus: Improving strength

Week 9-12 Focus: Fat burning & feeling toned


There is so much contradicting information out there on the correct way to train and workout and eat and this group will give you confidence that you are making the right choices for YOU. The workouts we focus on are created to build muscle, gain strength, improve flexibility and mobility, improve cardio vascular fitness and feel leaner. Every month we have a different focus so your workouts will reflect the goal for that month.


We will work on habit building by implementing a new habit every one to two week.  If fat loss is your goal then you will find it helpful to have access to a scale with a body fat testing option so I can assist you on how to work out your macro intake. This ofcourse is optional. 


You will receive guidelines and recommendations for foods that will help with your recovery, be nutritionally dense, that you personally enjoy and at times of day that are convenient for you. You must be prepared to track your food daily in order for me to give you the most effective instructions for your desired goal. 

While you are in this safe space you will feel motivated, educated, inspired and empowered. Contact me here for more information or register below.



For 12 Weeks

(or $399 a month x 3 installments)

All prices are subject to tax

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