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Start date: Tuesday 4th July

When:  Every Tuesday

Price: FREE

Location: Walking to Victoria Park from Five Rivers Leisure Centre

Meeting Point: Meeting point is Five Rivers Car park entrance by the pedestrian crossing meeting between 10:30 and 10:40am. We set off at 10:40am

Session Duration: 60 mins

Level: These sessions are for ALL LEVELS

Book by looking through the schedule below

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The StrollerFit Social session is specifically for new and seasoned mums who want to stay active and fit while spending quality time with their babies.


 This class combines the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, stretching and social interaction in a fun and supportive environment.

The primary focus of the StrollerFit class is to provide a gentle cardio session in the form of walking for mums and carers while incorporating their strollers and babies into the exercises. The class is led by certified fitness instructors who specialize in postnatal fitness and understand the unique needs and challenges of new parents. They create a safe and inclusive space where participants can work at their own pace and feel supported throughout the class.

We walk, stretch, do breath work in the park, do basic core and strength exercises suitable for all  fitness levels. 

Throughout the class, the instructors encourage social interaction and create a supportive community among the participants. Parents are encouraged to connect with each other.

Here is a mini checklist to ensure that you come prepared to your sessions:

1) Stroller/ buggies- We sometimes do exercises using our strollers. Feel free to bring your baby carrier also incase baby wants to be carried at any point during the workouts. Running strollers are not essential however good support for your baby's head and some suspension in the stroller is advised. 
2) Comfy running shoes that provide good support
3) A good sports bra 
4) Plenty of water to stay hydrated especially if it's hot outside
5) Protective clothing if you are sensitive to the sun or if it's raining
6) Yoga mat/Workout mat that rolls up and can be stored on your stroller as we will be doing some floor exercises
7) Appropriate clothing and sun shade wear including a UV stroller net, snacks and fluids for your little ones

Everyone attending will have to fill out a ParQ and waiver. All forms have to be completed before taking part. 

Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Just send me a message or an email to

I look forward to seeing you!!


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